We have a Giant Series Machine on site

Young Shin - Supplying Specialist Semi Automatic Die Cutters

Supplying South Korean and UK industries for over 30 years' Young Shin source, distribute and install highly engineered semi automatic die cutters. To numerous and varied industries across Europe. When we started out, in Daegu, South Korea, we initially focused on developing small format fully automatic die cutters. Today Young Shin offer a comprehensive die cutter solution. Bringing you an extensive choice of large format, semi automatic die cutter machines - to fit your specific industry need.

Die Cutting Machinery That's a Cut Above

Due to high demand for specialist die cutting machinery and technological insight, Young Shin Europe was formed in 2011. To focus purely on the die cutting requirements for UK and European industries.

Whatever your die cutting machinery requirements, we're well placed to meet your supply need. We've an extensive selection of specialist die cutters - from 740mm x 104mm machines for print finishing and carton trades. Through to large format die cutting machinery - 1700mm x 2500mm sheet size, for the corrugated and point of sale markets.

Flexible. Durable. Dependable.

Young Shin die cutting machinery comes highly recommended by high performance European industries. Take Young Shin's Giant series, for example. This collection of brilliantly engineered semi-automatic die cutters - offer the most flexible and durable designs in the world. So no matter what your end application, there's a die cutter, cut to fit your specific industry.

Young Shin's die cutters offer advanced technological mechanics. All of which is backed up by first class service and support. Young Shin's Giant die cutters are stacked with features:

Grip edge removal device

  • Triple action stripping section
  • Cutting plate air float removal device (Standard on 210 and 250 models)
  • Heating systems for easier cutting, batch or stack delivery

Die Cutting Expertise

  • Chase turn-over for easy order change
  • Die cutter knuckle system for maximum cutting pressures
  • Centre line die cutter system for quick order change
  • Die cutting soft plate system available

Stripping Section

  • Centre line system for quick set ups
  • Die cutting machinery features new style upper stripping frame, for quick order change
  • Dedicated triple action die cutter machinery stripping (upper, middle and bottom)

Optional Advanced Die Cutter Machinery Features...

Grip Edge Removal Device (option)

  • Full die cutter stripping achieved with grip edge removal device.
  • Discharging grip edge by auto conveyor.

Die cutter Delivery Section (option)

  • Automatic counter and tab inserter can ensure high efficiency.
  • Non-stop delivery available.
  • Perfect stack achieved with side joggers.

Semi-automatic and automatic die cutters, engineered to perfection, and packed with safety features. Young Shin delivers on every die cutting industry front.