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Premier Die Cutter Platen Machinery. By Young Shin

At Young Shin, as well as supplying and selling advanced automatic die cutters, we also lead the way in premier platen machinery sales.

Young Shin's collection of specialist platen machines are designed to deal with your industry's precise performance need. Die cutting, creasing, embossing... featuring advanced technological features, Young Shin's platen machinery can cope with the demands of your specific requirement.

Precision engineered, each one is designed to enable the delivery of the heaviest duty jobs. Such as large scale die cutting, creasing and embossing of every kind of material imaginable: heavy duty demands like PVC and plastic, to smaller, lightweight jobs - paper, linoleum and cardboard for instance.

Heavy Duty Die Cutting Needed? Young Shin's Platen Machinery Stacks Up.

Versatile, adjustable, dependable, Young Shin's die cutting platen machinery is designed to perform under the hardest industry tasks. Our platen and die cutting machines can fulfil the hardest, heaviest industry jobs. Across virtually every type of material. Take a closer look at our specification, and if you're in any doubt, just speak to one of Young Shin's customer service team.

Each Young Shin platen machine, is tightly controlled by an electromagnetic clutch and brake. Easily adjustable this feature allows for controlled, safe production for all your die cutting and heavy duty cutting, creasing and embossing needs.

Young Shin Platen Machinery Features...

Here are just some of the common features Young Shin platen machinery share. However if you'd like to find out more, just call our team.

  • Push buttons for easy platen machinery operation

Young Shin brings you a versatile and extensive choice of platen machinery. Including:

  • Platen machinery
  • Die cutting, creasing punching platen press machines
  • Hot foil platen machinery attachments
  • Clutches & brakes
  • Steel rule dies, to cut, crease and shape paper or corrugated sheet

Taking the effort and pain out of manual cutting, Young Shin's platen machinery can cut, emboss and texturise the widest range of materials: paper, sponge, foam, foil, thin metal(soft), sponge, polyfoam and rubber... And can create any type of packaging, to meet the needs of our specific clients.