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Quest 270

Quest 270 Youngshin

Feeding Section

The Quest 270’s flatbed technology increases productivity by 10% – 15% since a new sheet can be placed on the platen while removing the completed die cut sheet without sheet waste falling into the machine.

Diecutting Section

Includes sophisticated electronics at the front of the unit that control the Quest 270’s pressure settings with an easy-to-use four-button system that can be easily adjusted and precisely aligned.

Touch Screen

Clear and simple readings ensure quick problem resolution. Operator-friendly controls allow easy adjustments. Machine position read out.

Chase and Tool Changeover

The Quest 270’s chase frame can be easily removed from the front of the machine directly above the cutting plate providing easy, yet highly-accurate, operation of the die cutter accelerating speed and turnaround time as compared to older-style clamshell devices.


Specifically designed to facilitate the make-ready process, expedite the set-up procedures and provide swift and safe operation with both lasers and light curtains to guard against improper or unsafe operations by the operator.

Speed and Control

Variable speeds on the Quest 270 include four (4) operating modes: Single cycle, continuous cycle, dwell and variable speed control of the cutting plate.


The Quest 270 integrates world-recognized and easily available (off-the-shelf) components such as Siemens, Omron and Mitsubishi PLC’s.

Additional Options

Options include a Wide Opening complete with filler plate to facilitate easy and rapid changeover between traditional jobs and honeycomb board. A heated bed preventing “bruising” for clear plastic substrates is available prolonging the tool and sealing the plastic. Both feeding and delivery tables are available.

  Quest 270
Max Sheet SIze 2500 x 1700mm
Min Sheet SIze 650 x 450mm
Max Cutting SIze 2900 x 1690mm
Max Sheet Thickness 1mm ~ 75mm
Maximum Speed 600 sph
Maximum Cutting Pressure 500 tons
Moving Table Type = Stroke: Knuckle
Total Length 3.7m
Total Width (Inc. Oper. Platform) 4.7m
Total Height 2.1m
Weight 79 tons

If you have any questions or enquiries regarding the Quest 270, please call us on 01457 861076 or email at office@youngshineurope.com