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Meridian Series

Meridian Series Youngshin


Maximizing the productivity of thin sheet by perfect gripper's bite.


Maximizing the productivity of warped corrugated paper.

Sheet Feeding Device

Easily adjustable feeder due to one touch setting device. Efficient and stable feeding is available by the conveyor roller assembly.

Touch Screen

Clear and simple readings ensure quick fault finding. Operator friendly controls for easy adjustments.

Feeding Section

Non-stop feeding is achieved by a preloader and secondary elevator. Fully adjustable feeder head ensures constant feeding of thick and thin paper as well as E and B flute corrugated board

Die-Cutting Section

Knuckle system for maximum cutting pressures. Equipped with chase turn-over for easy order change. Equipped with center line systems on chase for quick order change.

Stripping Section

Stripping of the waste is by triple-movement positive pin system. SHortening order change time and maximizing productivity by center line system.

Delivery Section

Automatic counter and tab inserter can ensure high efficiency. Non-stop delivery available. Perfect stack achieved with side joggers.

  YT-1040NCS YT-1700SII YT-1850SII
Max Sheet SIze 1040 x 740mm 1700 x 1200mm 1850 x 1200mm
Min Sheet SIze 440 x 340mm 600 x 500mm 600 x 500mm
Max Cutting SIze 1040 x 730mm 1700 x 1185mm 1850 x 1185mm
Min Gripper Margin 8mm 15mm" 15mm
Cutting Pressure 300 tons 400 tons 400 tons
Sheet Thickness Corrugated Board
Corrugated Board
1.5mm ~ 11mm
Corrugated Board
1.5mm ~ 11mm
Maximum Speed 7200 s/h 4500 s/h 3600 s/h
Weight 17 tons 34 tons 36 tons

If you have any questions or enquiries regarding the Meridian Series, please call us on 01457 861076 or email at office@youngshineurope.com