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Advanced Diecutter Technology. By Your Demand.

At Young Shin, we’re constantly looking at ways we can improve our service. Which is why we’re always one step ahead of the die cutter industry. Sourcing the most advanced diecutter machinery, we’re now able to offer an extensive range of automatic diecutters, which have been expertly engineered, to offer our diecutter industry non stop production potential.

Supplying specific diecutters to meet targeted industry needs, Young Shins is one of the leading UK manufacturers and suppliers of dependable diecutting solutions.

Our collection of advanced automatic diecutters includes:

YT Series Youngshin

Young Shin’s YT series of Automatic Diecutters are packed full of technical features. Such as a clear, easy to use, touch screen facility - to assist with running of this specialist automatic die cutter.

With the mot advanced technological features Young Shin’s die cutter machinery has placed us at the forefront of our industry. Sourcing only the most advanced, turnkey solutions.


This automatic die cutters gripper technology, maximises productivity of thin sheet, due to its perfect gripper's bite.


Keep your corrugated paper feeding through, and maximise productivity.

Automatic Diecutter Sheet Feeding Device

Easily adjustable feeder, with one touch setting. For fast and efficient feeding thanks to a conveyor roller assembly.

Touch Screen

With clear and simple readings - you can find any faults easily, with this die cutters operator friendly feature.

Diecutter Feeding Section

Achieve non-stop feeding, with a preloader and secondary elevator. You can constantly feed production, with its fully adjustable feeder head. This diecutter can take on thick and thin paper, as well as E and B flute corrugated board.

The Diecutting Section

With its knuckle system, this automatic diecutter offers maximum cutting pressures. Equipped with chase turn-over for fast and easy order change.

Stripping Section

Get rid of waste, easily and effectively, with this advanced triple-movement positive pin system. Your order change time will be shortened by this feature, and you can again maximise productivity, thanks to its centre line system.

Diecutter Delivery Section

Young Shin’s automatic diecutter ensures high efficiency - with its automatic counter and tab inserter. For non-stop production delivery. You can achieve the perfect stack with its neat and tidy side joggers

Young Shin’s Revolutionary Revotec Series

The Revotec series feeder is specially designed for constant feeding on thin paper and corrugated paper.

Advanced Feeder

Feed through your sheets smoothly with this diecutters precision feeder - featuring a sophisticated suction device.

Revotec’s Feeding Conveyor

This diecutters’ feeding conveyor, keeps production flowing, when time’s of the essence. Making the feeding of thin sheets and warped sheets a possibility.

Side Lay

Precision is key in the diecutting industry, as you’ll know too well. The beauty of this automatic diecutter machine lies in its side lay. These sensors ensure excellent register by proximating the distance between side and front lay more.

Touch Screen Reading

Featuring clear and simple readings, this automatic diecutter, allows you to find any faults very quickly. Cutting pressure is automatically checked for diecutting durability.

This Automatic Diecutter Delivers

With its automatic counter and labbing inserter - you can ensure a reliable, productive batch - for all your industry requirements.

Zenith Series Youngshin

For the ultimate automatic flatbed die cutter - check out Young Shin’s Zenith specification here. Revered across the US, it’s now available to our European die cutter industry clients. Take a look.